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The mission of Hitotsubashi ICS is “the Best of Two Worlds”. It aims to be the bridge between East and ...
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The Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy (ICS) is a graduate school of business administration within Hitotsubashi University, a national institution of higher education under the jurisdiction of the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT). The legal status of ICS is 'Professional Graduate School' (Senmonshoku Daigakuin, in Japanese). Hitotsubashi ICS was established in 1998 and welcomed its first incoming class in 2000. It is located at a campus in central Tokyo (Chiyoda Campus) about one hour from Hitotsubashi's main campus (Kunitachi Campus).

Hitotsubashi ICS's initial recognition and legitimacy comes from the fact that it is a Graduate School of Hitotsubashi University, one of Japan's leading universities. However, Hitotsubashi ICS is increasingly obtaining recognition and legitimacy in its own right, as an innovator in global professional education in Japan. In 2009, Hitotsubashi ICS received accreditation from ABEST21. It was one of four schools to be accredited, and the only one to receive the designation 'Excellence in Accreditation', for its world-class curriculum.

Courses offered at Hitotsubashi ICS course include a full-time global MBA program, a global DBA and executive programs.

The full-time MBA program offered by Hitotsubashi ICS is a global MBA program. All classes are conducted in English and the program is very international. Japanese students occupy fewer than 20% of the annual intake. Hitotsubashi ICS's full-time MBA program has already established a strong global reputation. The Eduniversal masters ranking for 2014-2015 ranked the full-time MBA program of Hitotsubashi ICS at number 10 within Far East Asia.

Hitotsubashi ICS offers a DBA degree rather than a Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) degree. While a Ph.D. program provides the necessary theoretical and scientific foundation for an academic career, a DBA program places equal importance on business-related problem solving and its practical implications. The program is conducted in English and it is particularly suitable for business people who also teach at business schools and realize the importance of a doctorate degree.

Hitotsubashi ICS offers executive education and corporate training programs to the business community. In fact, it is a leading academic institution in Asia for high quality executive programs. Hitotsubashi ICS also provides customized programs to leading companies. Open-enrollment programs are also offered. In order to facilitate executive education run by Hitotsubashi ICS faculty members, the Nonaka Institute of Knowledge was established.

Due to its excellent full-time global MBA program, global DBA program, and executive programs, Hitotsubashi ICS was selected as a representative business school in Japan by the Global Network for Advanced Management (GNAM), a network of leading business schools in the world.