Best of Two Worlds
The mission of Hitotsubashi ICS is “the Best of Two Worlds”. It aims to be the bridge between East and ...
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Message from the Dean

Hitotsubashi University was founded in 1875 as the very first educational institution in Japan to teach business and commerce. Throughout its history, Hitotsubashi University has aspired to develop business leaders who possess an international perspective. Our forefathers used the phrase ‘Captains of Industry’ to describe the role our alumni should play in society. It has been Hitotsubashi University's vision to be a leading academic institution specializing in the social sciences. Our faculty members are recognized internationally for their contributions to the fields of commerce and management, economics, law, and social sciences.

The mission of Hitotsubashi ICS, known as a global knowledge hub in Tokyo, builds on Hitotsubashi University's tradition of excellence. ICS's mission goals are:(a) to continually develop new generations of global business leaders for Japan, Asia, and the world, and (b) to create and disseminate on a global scale research and knowledge originating from Japan. Our aim is to develop leaders who are experts on Japan, immersed in Asia, and able to have an impact on the world. Hitotsubashi ICS's campus is located in the downtown area of Tokyo, one of the most exciting and innovative cities in the world. Its close access to the corporate headquarters of leading global companies in Tokyo's center allows Hitotsubashi ICS to collaborate and network with business leaders in research, teaching, and consulting projects.

At Hitotsubashi ICS, our educational mission is achieved via our global MBA program. Hitotsubashi ICS offers a world-class curriculum that combines best practices in business education from all over the world, with a distinct focus on Japan and Japan's role in the global and Asian economies. It equips its students not only with fundamental business knowledge but also with the broad set of skills and management qualities required of global leaders. Characteristic of Hitotsubashi ICS graduates is possession of business-essential skills, including strategic thinking, problem solving and execution, a capacity to manage diversity with high cultural awareness, and an ability to foster innovation and bridge differences in global cultures and business systems.

Hitotsubashi ICS provides a truly global MBA program, taught entirely in English, with an academic calendar beginning in September (quite unusual in Japan), and an emphasis on practical business knowledge and skills for the real world. Each year's entering class is kept intentionally small - fewer than 60 students - with around 80% being non-Japanese, creating an environment where students with diverse backgrounds can bond strongly with one another - one more unique feature of the Hitotsubashi ICS experience.

For all of the above reasons, I believe Hitotsubashi ICS is the best business school for developing your global leadership. I invite you to join us and discover ‘the Best of Two Worlds’.

Kazuo Ichijo
Dean and Professor
Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy
Hitotsubashi University