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Our Graduates

Satoko Suzuki 2011.8.26

  • Lecturer, Graduate School of Management, Kyoto University
  • Major : Consumer Behavior, Global Marketing
  • DBA Thesis:Diffusion of Self-Gift Consumer Behavior in Interdependent Cultures: The Case of Self-Reward Consumption Practice in Japan

Current Work

I am currently at the Graduate School of Management, Kyoto University doing both research and teaching.
Kyoto University has a mission to grow and develope human resources through “folklore of knowledge” and to investigate the “creation of knowledge” and “building of an intellectual system” through the most advanced research activities.
I'm working on education and study every day in accordance with this mission. My current research topic is “consumption and culture”.
I am researching two aspects of consumer behavior; one is how culture influences consumption activity and the other is how consumption is reflected in the new culture. I also monitor cultural difference in consumption activity in East Asia and service globalization.

The reason you decided to pursue a DBA degree

I had done marketing related work in a consulting firm and foreign company. Although I thought that the practical business of marketing was worth doing and found it really fascinating, I found myself shortsighted absolutely during spending every day busily.
I started thinking that I'd like to look at various business marketing campaigns in a more systematic way and learn once more about the meaning of the marketing. To achieve this, I dedided to pursue a DBA.

My Research Theme

It took a lot of time to decide my research question.
The reason why it took so long was that, through reading numerous research papers, I discoverd that almost every area of the topic I was interested in had already been researched by someone else. I turned my eyes to get up in the world and continued the work specifying “It's new.” for about 2 years while learning theory.

One day I heard about “My Chugen (Presenting a midyear gift to oneself). Having studied the special cultural qualities of Japan, I thought this concept really strange.
Looking further into this “own donation” (A present given to oneself) consumption behavior the theme of my studies, I thought that make clear the process of how such behavior was permeating Japanese society could become the them of my study.
The value that connection with others is most important and that it isn't desirable to think of oneself first is shared historically in Japanese society. In such a society, why did egocentric consumption behavior such as ‘own donation' permeate and become acceptable? I decide to look into the process through which these (at a glance) inconsistent concepts came to coexist, and submitted the outcome of this investigation as my DBA thesis.
It's regarded as innovation that new behavior is spreading. So I caught a DBA thesis again as the spread of innovation, and published a book “from the case by which sanction in the spread and the role of the flaming: of innovation “reward to themselves” are consumption” .

Professor's guidance in DBA program

I think educational methods are different depending on the professor. Students can undertake as a co-researcher research that is related to the professor's major. In my case, as I chose a topic that was not the major of my advisor, I had to think and seek exit by myself. I visited the main Hitotsubashi campus as well as Hitotsubashi ICS to seek comments and advice from various professors. Though each professor had different, specialized fields of study and study methodologies, everyone gave me objective advice and constructive comments that were very helpful and enabled me to advance my studies.

Compatibility with Work

I entered school as a full-time student, so I wasn't working basically. However, I did work as a teaching assistant and research assistant to manage the research fund.

Future Career Plan

My ideal image of an academic is Professor Ikujirou Nonaka. His knowledge creation theory advocating Japanese-style theory to the world is recognized internationally. There is also a lot of US marketing theory & consumer behavior, my major, there is difference in a way of thinking and logic how to put together between the US and Japan. I'd like to continue showing new angle on Japan in this area and a structure to the existent theory and repaint those.

Advice to prospect DBA students

Writing a DBA these is a steady, methodical process of investigation. I think study is storage of a small step, and it's difficult to answer a big question suddenly. It's like a puzzle that has being buried, awaiting discovery in such process that certainly important to each work. I want to be a person who can apply themselves to study to hit a door of DBA.