Diploma Policy

The Hitotsubashi University Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy (Hitotsubashi ICS) was founded in 2000 as one of the first professional graduate schools at Japan's national universities.

The mission of the International Business Strategy Program with regard to education is to cultivate a new generation of business leaders for Japan, Asia, and the world. With regard to research, the mission is to create knowledge that originates in Japan, and to deliver research results to the world. To carry out its mission, Hitotsubashi ICS offers an education program focusing on Japan's role in Asia and the world through a world-standard MBA program and DBA program, utilizing the world's premier education methods. It also delivers research results to the world as a pioneering provider of knowledge, offering cutting-edge and practical ideas with a far-reaching impact to both academics and business people. The DBA program in particular has a vision to educate teaching staff at globalization-oriented business schools in Japan and other Asian countries.

Hitotsubashi ICS has established for itself an important value: “Best of Two Worlds.”, namely East and West, practice and theory, old and new economies, and haves and have-nots. We recognize that there is not always just one right answer in the real world, and we feel that it is important to incite innovations by facing contradictions, overcoming divisions, and accepting uncertainty.

The entire International Business Strategy Program is carried out in English. In principle, DBA students will have three or more years of business experience and an MBA or qualifications of a similar level. The DBA program is geared towards people of varying backgrounds, from across the globe. The teaching staff includes professionals with business experience, academics with doctoral degrees from major university overseas, as well as highly-qualified in structured with significant teaching experience. Each student is assigned a thesis supervisor and a thesis review committee, the latter comprised of faculty members who suitable to the thesis topic. Together, the supervisor and committee have the responsibility to lead the student, while also respecting her or his' research independence.

Admission Policy

The admission period for the Doctorate in International Business Strategy Program commences in October each year, with the application deadline in May. As a general rule, the application requirements are always available to download from the University web page. However, they are revised each year, so please confirm whether the requirements that you have downloaded are the most recent version. At the latest, the revised version will be available for download at the end of the academic year prior to the year applied for.

There are two examination stages: a screening of application materials and an interview. The initial screening is similar to many other business schools across the globe, requiring submission of your most recent TOEFL and GMAT results. In addition, the main items subject to examination are the details of your business experience, your reason for applying and your research plan, two letters of recommendation, and certificates of your master's degree course results. Applicants who pass the screening are invited to the second stage interview process. The decision of your selection is made after consultations among members of the DBA Admission Committee, composed of full-time teaching staff involved with the International Business Strategy Program, who will then notify the applicant in writing.