EMBA Program Curriculum
The program is split into 2 modules: the Foundation Stage (4 months) and the Mastery ...

Qualifications and Admissions Criteria

Qualifications to Apply:

  • At least 16 years of education (for specific conditions and exceptions, please refer to the Application Package, under "Qualifications of Applicants")
  • A Bachelor's degree and demonstrated academic competence
  • Full-time post-university graduation work experience of 10-15 years or more (as of September 1, 2018)

Admissions Criteria:

  • Currently a middle-manager or higher with the following experiences and competencies:
  • ・Managing on an on-going basis at least 5 direct reports.
    ・Expected to rise to a director- or executive-level position (“senior management”) within 10 years.
    ・Formulating and executing business plans at the departmental or sub-departmental level in conformance with the company's strategies and policies.
    ・Involved in goal setting and departmental or sub-departmental level decision-making.
    ・Can understand and critically analyze various types of financial and business reports with a high level of financial fluency.