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The program is split into 2 modules: the Foundation Stage (4 months) and the Mastery ...
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EMBA Program Overview

Hitotsubashi ICS is offering participants the opportunity to earn an Executive MBA ("EMBA") qualification through a one-year program. Consistent with its long-standing MBA program, the EMBA will be taught entirely in English with the mission of integrating the "Best of Both Worlds". Uniquely, the ICS EMBA program will explore the strengths of both Japanese and Western management practices and seek to integrate those strengths in order to leverage them to meet the challenges of a changing business environment. The program focuses on the real world application of management theories, and as such will involve participants traveling to three locations outside of Japan to learn first hand about current issues such as doing business in emerging economies, technological disruption and innovation.

The program is designed for elite participants in their 30's-40's who are looking for a part-time program, which will develop their management skills with minimal time away from their organizations. The course will be delivered via a combination of residential and virtual classes. Due to the fact that participants will be required to attend residential classes for at least six weeks during the one-year program (not including weekends) and to travel overseas, support from a sponsoring organization is critical to the success of each participant. In turn, sponsoring organizations benefit by providing their talent with critical training to assist their development as well-rounded future executives, while minimizing disruptions to their business.