Kanno Seminar CALBEE Company visit

Jun 25, 2015

calbeeCompanyVisit.jpgHitotsubashi ICS students periodically have opportunities to visit companies and interact with top management by seminar group, through each seminar faculty's network.

On 16 June, students from Kanno Seminar visited the head office of CALBEE, Inc. (Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku), Japan's largest snack food company, where they had fruitful discussions with CEO Mr. Akira Matsumoto and CFO Mr. Koichi Kikuchi following a presentation by Mr. Kikuchi.

Students were also given the opportunity to undertake an office tour. There was much interest in CALBEE's compartment-less open space environment, with students particularly surprised to see that even CEO Mr. Matsumoto did not have a closed office.

Kanno Seminar students were able to enjoy a stimulating and fulfilling time on this company visit, gaining insightful stimulus from top management, not to mention delicious CALBEE snacks to take home as souvenirs!!