Guest Speaker: Mr. John Ehara, Unison Capital

Jul 7, 2015


On June 30, Professor Tomonori Ito's Applied Corporate Finance class welcomed Mr. John Ehara, co-founder of Unison Capital, as a guest speaker. Prior to founding Unison Capital, one of the most successful private equity funds in Japan, Mr. Ehara spent sixteen years as an investment banker at Goldman Sachs, building its Japanese franchise from 3 to 1000 professionals.

During the class, Mr. Ehara gave a presentation on the business model of private equity funds, with a particular focus on how private equity funds work, target investee companies, and how private equity creates value.
Following the lecture, Mr. Ehara stayed on for a one-hour Q&A session with students, during which time he shared his own career story on why he started his own business, the ways in which he earned clients' trust as an investment banker, and the importance of the guiding principles at Unison. He also provided insight on key success factors in the private equity business, how to develop negotiation skills, and the importance of leadership, etc. All in all, it was a truly entertaining session full of practical wisdom.