Guest Speaker: Mr. Yasushi Hatakeyama, Lazard Freres K.K.

Feb 1, 2017

P1250055.jpgOn the 25th of January 25, 2017, Professor Tomonori Ito's Corporate Finance II class welcomed Mr. Yasushi Hatakeyama, President and CEO of Lazard Freres K.K., as a guest speaker.

Mr. Hatakeyama shared his experiences from over 30 years in the M&A industry, first at First Boston in the United States and then at Lazard in both the United States and Japan.

During the one hour session, Mr. Hatakeyama shared his views on the need and importance of mergers and acquisitions in today's economic climate. He also spoke of the opportunities and values of synergies unlocked in M&A deals. He also discussed how, many deals for Japanese companies were a means of strategic investment in terms of access.Mr. Hatakeyama also provided his views on key factors for a successful M&A deal, which emphasized the significance of a strategic alliance and trust between the acquirer and the target company, as well as the importance of identifying and establishing close relationships with trusted financial advisors who truly serves the best interests of the client.P1250063.jpg

With around 30 years of experience in M&A, Mr. Hatakeyama impressed us through his insights and passion for the job. It was a very informative first-hand account of the M&A process from someone one who has gone through some epoch making deals and the class considered it as a privilege to have had him in the class.