GNP: DAY 4 - Company session - KOA Corporation in Nagano

Feb 23, 2017

4025-2.jpgOn Feb 16, seventy+ students and faculty members from Hitotsubashi ICS and UBC Sauder went on a two-day trip to Nagano with the course theme "Business Solutions to Social Issues and the overarching question to the Tokyo Module "How are Japanese companies and regional economies addressing opportunities and challenges of the lost two (and almost three) decades?4172-2.jpg

Our time in Tokyo provides students with a distinctive perspective on this question, and our two-day trip to Nagano Prefecture, is designed to give students a perspective on what companies located outside of Tokyo are doing to confront the challenges. The first stop of our trip: KOA Corporation, a leading manufacturer of electronic components (resistors), located in rural Ina Valley in the southern part of Nagano. Then stayed Ryokan (Japanese Inn) with Onsen (Hotsprings).