GNP: DAY 5 - Company session - Hoshino Resort in Karuizawa

Feb 24, 2017

5067-2.jpgOn Feb 17, the second day of the GIE/GNP Tokyo Immersion Nagano Trip, the group traveled to Karuizawa, a visit which intends to provide a very different answer to the question of "whither Japan".

Karuizawa has served as a retreat for relatively well-heeled Tokyoites since the early 20th century when foreign missionaries and other expatriates built summer homes to escape the hot and humid conditions in the metropolis during the summer. From a "haven for the leisured classes", It has now developed into a year-round resort with a variety of seasonal outdoor sports, fine restaurants, hot springs, shopping and comfortable hotels.5085-2.jpg

In Karuizawa, hosted by Ms. Kiwon Sue, an ICS graduate (MBA Class of 2009) and head of overseas projects for the company, we visited some facilities of Hoshino Resort, one of the largest operators of hotels and resorts in Japan, which has gained popularity as the proprietor and manager of stylish and modernized high-end "ryokan".