GNP: DAY 7 - Company session - Pasona

Feb 28, 2017

Pasona4.jpgOn Feb 21, Hitotsubashi ICS/UBC Sauder MBA students visited Pasona, a Japanese multinational company that provides a variety of human resource management services, including temporary staffing, recruiting, outplacement, outsourcing, and so forth.

Setting "Solutions to Social Issues" as its company philosophy, the company strives to address a wide range of social issues, especially in the area of demographic challenges facing Japan (e.g., aging, childcare, female workforce, robotics, etc.). It is also known as one of few Japanese service companies successfully expanding its business worldwide.Pasona6.JPG

The company's headquarters has been widely featured in popular business press for their innovative initiatives such as urban farming, craft stores run by handicapped employees, and Pepper-kun-greeting reception. The visit consisted of guided tours of the headquarters and Q&A session, led by Ms. Aiko Umehara and her team.