Global Network Week 2017 - Company session - GE

Mar 22, 2017

GE2.jpgOn Mar 15, Day 3 of Global Network Week 2017, we looked at GE, another non-Japanese company which has been establishing itself very successfully in Japan.We were fortunate to have GE Japan's legal team in our classroom:

- Robert Morimoto | General Counsel, GE Japan Inc.
- Yoko Oshima | Associate General Counsel, GE Japan Inc.
- Shintaro Watanabe | Senior Counsel-Compliance, GE Japan Inc.
- Megumi Azuma | Senior Legal Counsel, GE Japan Inc.
- Mitsuaki Nozue | Legal Counsel, GE Japan Inc.GE1.jpg

These five legal professionals helped us - 60 MBAs from 20 business schools around the world - see the role of Japan business within GE's global strategy, then highlight opportunities and challenges involved in doing business in Japan, historical changes over time, if any, and reasons why.