Global Network Week 2017 - Company session - Honda

Mar 23, 2017

Honda8.jpgOn Mar 15, DAY 3 of GNW TOKYO 2017, the Honda session series provided students - 60 MBAs from 20 business schools around the world - with opportunities to see how innovation process is managed inside a leading Japanese manufacturer, Honda Motor. The Honda session consisted of the following three sections: Honda1.jpg

- Guest speaker session with lead engineers from Honda in ICS.
- UNI-CUB test driving experience at Hitotsubashi Hall (1st floor of ICS building)
- ASIMO demonstration at Honda's headquarters in Aoyama.

Honda5.jpgFor the first part, we were lucky to have two leading Honda engineers in our classroom:
- Hayato Maehara | Senior Staff Engineer, Corporate Planning Division, Corporate Planning Office, Honda Motor Co., Ltd.
- Macoto Hasegawa | Chief Engineer, Automobile R&D Center, Honda R&D Co., Ltd.