Global Network Week 2017 - Japanese Culture: Unraveling the roots of Japanese virtues.

Mar 24, 2017

Motoko Kimura.jpg

On March 16, Motoko Kimura and Mina Kanai Nishisaka gave a presentation on JAPANESE CULTURE: UNRAVELING THE ROOTS OF JAPANESE VIRTUES, as guest speakers.

The session intended to give GNW TOKYO 2017 participants - 60 MBAs from 20 business schools around the world - hints to discovering the underlying foundation of Japanese culture. As a preparatory lecture for the hands-on traditional Japanese Culture experience in Kamakura, this session provided students with a framework of key concepts in Japan including Zen and Bushido (the way of the samurai).

By unraveling the roots of each concept in history, their essence, and how they are interrelated, the session gave students a better understanding of the virtues behind people's behaviours, including the Japanese way of getting business done. And by understanding the Japanese culture, ICS hoped the course served to help students rediscover their own culture at a deeper level.

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