Hitotsubashi ICS Knowledge Week, March 25 to 28 - "How media-savvy are you?"

Apr 3, 2017

1084.jpgKnowledge Week is part of the year-long Wise Leadership Capstone, a new ICS-MBA program feature in AY2016-17. The Capstone helps students integrate their learning and experiences consistently all through their MBA experience. Knowledge Week addresses important social and economic topics that encourage students to consider broad societal settings and global forces of today's world, and tomorrow's. The objective is to enhance ICS students' formation as knowledge creators who are global leaders and managers: big-picture thinkers prepared to understand a wide range of interests and factors when making business decisions.

On Sunday, March 26, we asked students "How media-savvy are you?" in a session featuring Yumiko Ono, Asia Digital Editor of the Wall Street Journal, and Minori Takao, Anchor, NHK World, as guest speakers.1108.jpgのサムネイル画像

Yumiko Ono discussed the challenges that long-established, highly respected media organizations like the Wall Street Journal are facing in today's "TMI" (too much information) environment, and the effects of social media on print journalism. Minori Takao described the minute-by-minute pace of the NHK World studio, as well as the factors considered in real-time as credible news media decide what news to report, and when. Both speakers addressed the question of how everyone can form better habits as discriminating consumers of news and information: how we can all become more "media-savvy."