Knowledge Week 2017 - Pressured Borders: Forced Migration and Global Business

Apr 4, 2017

2010-1.jpgOn the 3rd day of the Knowlege Week,Monday, March 27, in "Pressured Borders: Forced Migration and Global Business", we welcomed another excellent panel: Joseph Cassidy, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars from Washington D.C. joining via videoconference; and Dirk Hebecker, Representative of UNHCR (The UN Refugee Agency) Tokyo and Yuko Shimada, Japan Association for UNHCR in person.2111-1.jpg

While the global phenomenon of forced human displacement is not new, its numbers, its risks, and its stakes have reached their highest levels of the post-WWII era. This session offered ICS students the opportunity to build their understanding of how mass displacement of persons due to conflict occurs, and the challenges it brings to both national and international institutions, including humanitarian agencies and legal systems. The speakers, by sharing of their expertise, invited students to consider the role and responsibility of business in helping to address this global challenge - as employers, colleagues, recruiters, neighbors, and contributors to peaceful society.