Knowledge Week 2017 - Welcomed Dr. Yukiko Asai to the session "Demographic Change in Japan"

Apr 5, 2017

2350-1.jpgThe myriad demographic challenges facing Japan in an increasingly globalised and digitally disrupted world was the topic of a presentation to students by Tokyo University Post-doctoral fellow and University of California, Berkley Visiting Scholar Dr. Yukiko Asai on the third day of Knowledge Week, March 27, 2017.

A specialist on women's participation in the Japanese labor force, Dr Asai provided an evidence-based explanation of the reasons behind, and the impact on society of, Japan's changing demographics. With a focus on phenomena unique to or especially pronounced in Japan, such as the seniority-based system and widespread overwork, Dr Asai described how a dropping birthrate and a rapidly ageing population affect work-life balance, workplace gender balance, women's career paths, and cultural and age diversity in organizations.2468-1.jpg

Students emerged from the session not only better informed on the implications of Japan's demographic situation, but also empowered to more actively acknowledge, value and promote the contributions of diverse groups to their workplaces.