EMBA Info session for HR and Media - Oct 13, 2017

Oct 16, 2017

DSCN0915-2.jpgHitosubashi ICS held an Information session for the EMBA program in the afternoon of Friday, Oct 13 at newly renovated classroom in Chiyoda campus.

HR managers of corporations as well as journalists from major media interested in this program attended.DSCN0924-2.jpg

First, Prof. Tom Ito gave an outline of the program, and then a video of the actual EMBA sessions including class sessions through Zoom was introduced along with Prof. Yoshi Fujikawa's explanation of the program in details.

Prof. Ken Kusunoki added with an appealing presentation followed by a panel discussion by three current EMBA students.

Dean Kaz Ichijo closed the session with Hitotsubashi's future vision.