Alumni Talk Session | Enlightenment Program & Infinite Connection with ICS

Dec 14, 2017

DSC_0058-2.jpgStarting from October 2017, ICS has invited several alumni back to campus to give speeches or sessions to inspire and enlighten ICS students with their experience of studying and working in Japan as a foreigner, which can be a treasure of information for current students.

Here are a few points stressed by the alumni in their speeches:

Participation in ICS academic and co-curricular activities can play an important role in shaping your future.DSC_0107-2.jpg

The activities conducted by ICS are considered a very important part of ICS student life, and are activities that can help shape both professional and industry-centric skills throughout your life as well as provide opportunities to gain life-long friendship or partners. ICS also holds events to encourage participating students to build networks with different people. Moreover, it is commonplace for students to develop a broader and stronger network after participating in the activities; and academically, a good GPA may put you on an easier road to finding a job.

DSC_0084-1.jpgSet clearer goals for your own future and work hard for them.

The alumni members suggested that ICS students be more specific when starting to build their career plan. What kind of life do you want to live? What kind of person do you really want to be in the future? Think about such questions in a more specific way, and discover the right path to attain your goals. Take action, and have no regrets.

Fluency in Japanese is a door opener for a wider range of positions in the job market.

Though Japan companies are becoming more and more open-minded in recruiting foreigners, a lot of excellent traditional Japanese companies still struggle to accept different cultures when recruiting employees, which makes it hard for us to draw a conclusion on the importance of fluency in Japanese. But do keep in mind that culture shock exists all around the world, and that you should never lose your own identity. The issue of language is only part of the long journey of living in a foreign country.DSC_0005-2.jpg

Dear Alumni: Are you interested in returning to the campus to connect, inspire, and share your wisdom with today's students? The ICS Career Service & Alumni Association can market your event to students.

(by Qian Zhu, Alumni Relations, MBA Office)