【Interview】Network & Opportunity : Being the Ambassador of Global Network at Hitotsubashi ICS

Jan 9, 2018

Interview.jpegThe Global Network of Advanced Management is a platform for innovation in business education. Member schools connect and collaboratively develop programs to enable students and aspiring global business leaders to practice working globally while tapping into the unprecedented resources--including expertise, relationships, and access to data--offered by 32 business schools in 26 countries.

On December 20th, Michael Seaborn (Class of 2017), the Ambassador of the Global Network,shared his story and responsibilities with us on a beautiful afternoon.


With its long history and unique Asian culture, Japan is a highly developed country with advanced technology and business styles greatly admired by other countries. This was the main reason why Michael chose Japan as his destination after two months of travel around Asia. He was eager to learn about Asian and especially Japanese businesses and industries to help him develop a global mindset.

"Before joining ICS, I worked for PwC in Australia after graduating from university, where I majored in psychology and accounting. Growing up in a small town in Australia and fond of traveling, I was very eager to experience different cultures. Japan had always been my first priority for pursuing studies in Asia," as Michael explained in the interview.

Knowing that ICS offered the Young Leaders' Program, it occurred to Michael that this might be his best chance to experience another culture. He asked some of his Japanese friends and colleagues to find out more about ICS and Hitotsubashi University, the reputation of which is quite good in Japan, across Asia, and around the world. In fact, the university's renown for its mission of "Building a bridge between the best of the West and the East" strengthened his conviction to study at ICS even more. He first began to convince his supervisors and win their support for the program, and then sat through all the interviews and exams, before finally stepping into the place he had dreamed of.

Without knowing much Japanese, ICS has given him a precious chance to join the all-English courses, allowing him to explore Japan's unique culture with other students from different countries.


Japanese culture can be very daunting for Westerners unfamiliar with how to live in Japan, Michael was no exception, he found it tough adjusting in the first few weeks of his stay. He had to set up his cell phone and furnish his apartment as well as become familiar with the transportation system. But after surmounting these challenges, Michael finally found his way to enjoying his studies and life here in Japan.DSC_0231-1.jpg


The Global Network for Advanced Management drives innovation and creates value by connecting leading global business schools, their resources, and their stakeholders. It has many different programs and projects to offer students from different business schools. This promotes the exchange of new ideas through participation in immersion programs.

Being the ambassador of Global Network gave Michael a broader vision of the importance of a global network between business schools. He also came to understand the importance of improving his awareness of globalization and developing an international mindset. These qualities offered Michael tremendous benefits that will have a profound and long-lasting impact on his life. One of the great opportunities that the Global Network offers is Global Network Week (GNW). GNW allows students to participate in an intensive study week at other partner schools to learn about a specific business challenge. These challenges are often unique to that school's region or is a topic that that school specializes in. This is one of the great strengths of the network of Global Network. Being the ambassador encouraged him to communicate and promote ICS through its network.

Global Network is a network of thirty-two schools attempting to develop closer and stronger ties with each other by setting up a social networking platform called The World Is a Campus (TWIC). (The World Is a Campus). The ambassadors of these schools are now in the process of developing the network that will definitely catch everyone's attention.(by Qian Zhu, MBA Office)