【Interview】There he is! The Academic Rep of Hitotsubashi ICS, Class of 2017

Jan 16, 2018

DSC_0110-2.jpgWilson Yeung sought to overcome his introversion by nominating himself as the Academic Rep of the Class of 2017 during the student board elections, and has since succeeded in both taking on the responsibilities of leading the student board and enjoying the demanding study life at ICS.


Formerly employed as a treasurer at a German bank, Wilson left the company and started his journey at ICS in September, aiming to obtain a MBA degree and start his own business in Asia.

"I had always thought about returning to Asia to discover more about the shared attributes of Asian cultures," Wilson said during his interview. He had spent a year at Hitotsubashi University as an exchange student, and this experience became the starting point for zooming in on Japan. With curiosity and affection for Japan since his childhood, Wilson finally made the decision to attend Hitotsubashi ICS to pursue an MBA.

"Before you apply to an MBA program, you should be able to see the big picture in terms of your future and really know what you want to do," said Wilson. Pursuing an MBA degree is like jumping out of life's daily routine and seeing the world from a much larger perspective. Without knowing what you want to do in the future, getting an MBA degree will not help you much in life. Wilson gave us some examples of friends who were unhappy in their lives even after getting an MBA degree.


Determination to overcome his introversion and shyness was the main reason why Wilson decided to nominate himself as the Academic Rep. He led the student board to better serve his classmates, making sure they could enjoy every moment and cherish good memories with each other. Intensive study at ICS does not mean you cannot have fun on campus; it means you can play even harder when you study intensely. "Now I can get by on only 3 or 4 hours sleep each day after joining ICS."

As the Academic Rep of the Class of 2017, Wilson, together with other student board members, has held several events at ICS, for example, Auction Day, Family Day and also Open Campus Day. They squeezed time from their studies and used it to organize the school events, and their efforts were very appreciated by the faculty members and staff.DSC_0141-2.jpg


"The faculty members have always been very supportive of my business ideas. Some of them have given me so much advice and even offered their time to help make my business plan more feasible, which I appreciate a lot."


"Be prepared, be prepared to work very hard. Have some ideas before you come to ICS."

"You will learn a lot about a diverse range of subjects and will acquire a lot of knowledge both new and good for you. It has been extremely tough, honestly speaking, and I haven't slept very well these days but I think it's worth it; you gain skills that you didn't think you needed but soon realize are quite necessary if you want to be a valued member of a company or society in general, and it makes you stronger and better prepared for what lies ahead."                   

(by Qian Zhu, MBA Office)