Management of Energy Business course students visit INPEX facilities and TEPCO Nuclear Plant in Niigata

Apr 30, 2018

IMG_0700low.jpg27 students from the Hitotsubashi ICS class of 2017 MBA program, who enrolled in the Management of Energy Business course, had the opportunity to visit INPEX oil drilling plant, LNG terminal, solar plant and the TEPCO Kashiwazakikariwa nuclear plant on the 20th and 21st of April 2018. This excursion provided a rare insight into the industry, with seminars and Q&As held to discuss about the energy challenges faced by Japan currently.

P1040392low.jpgApart from learning deeper about the workings of energy management, the MBA students also had the opportunity to experience the Japanese hot springs "Onsen" and guesthouse "Ryokan". This trip is made possible under the generous sponsorship of INPEX.