EMBA Global Network Week - DAY 1

Jun 12, 2018

Day1-1-thumb-250xauto-1163.jpgThe theme: "Innovation X Globalization: Super Aging Society Japan." Executive MBA students from around the world arrive at Hitotsubashi ICS to learn about Japan's pioneering work in this arena, in the classroom and through company visits. The week concludes on Friday June 15 with presentations to corporate leaders on how companies can help society overcome this challenge.Day1-3-thumb-250xauto-1165.jpeg

As only he can do, Professor Yoshinori Fujikawa prepped minds for deep learning with a talk on Japanese Business and Economy. We then introduced students to Japanese traditions to set the scene for a cultural experience this afternoon.

a7884d9a66d9332968fc8e4c7fce70b7e78924cb-thumb-250xauto-1167.jpgIn the afternoon, a fascinating visit to the Ogasawara Reihou Institute for a fascinating lesson on traditional Japanese etiquette and the history behind many Japanese traditions still seen today. Some of us even got to dress as a classic Japanese merchant, before we all experienced Kyudo, the traditional Japanese from of archery.Day1-5-thumb-250xauto-1169.jpg

Tonight, we wrapped up Day 1 with a welcome reception overlooking the illuminated Tokyo Tower, with Hitotsubashi ICS Dean Kaz Ichijo offering the Kanpai (the Japanese "Cheers!"). It was an action-packed first day and - so much more to come!