EMBA GNW Tokyo - DAY 3

Jun 14, 2018

Day3-1.jpgDr. D. Sugi of Kotoen inspired the group with his organization's contribution to a healthy "super-aging society". Kotoen is an innovative inter-generational facility where children and the elderly may interact with each other. Co-locating childcare and elderly care allows the generations to improve daily life and learning for each other.

Next, Dr. Fukuhara, of the Institution for a Global Society, explained how AI and Big Data can be applied to human resource management and presented on GROW360, a tool developed by IGS to put AI and automation to work in HR management. We talked about how this technology can help resolve the aging workforce issues in Japan.Day3-4.jpg

Day3-7.jpgIn the afternoon, Mr. Ichimura of Konica Minolta led our discussion on the latest imaging and sensing technologies,
and on how new imaging technology is helping elderly care centers care for more patients with fewer caregivers. The technology is helping to solve problems related to a shortage of caregivers in Japan.

Hokan Tokyo Business Service is a "Visiting Nursing Service" startup that also is one of our clients for our projects this week. Hokan's unique service sends nurses to patients in their homes within a local area, so the patients can avoid going to a hospital. We got to visit both a clinic and a nurse dispatching station, and meet Hokan President and CEO Mr. Nakamura who spoke to us about the company.Day3-6.jpg