Guest Speaker: Mr. Yoshihiko Miyauchi, ORIX Corporation

Jun 27, 2018

P1040627.JPGOn June 21, Mr. Yoshihiko Miyauchi, Senior Chairman of ORIX Corporation, came to Professor Tom Ito's Applied Corporate Finance class as a guest speaker.

P1040628.JPGThe students and Professor Ito had a one-hour discussion on the global equity offering for ORIX in 2009 based on the Hitotsubashi ICS case 'ORIX Corporation: Surviving the Financial Crisis (A) & (B)' written by Professor Ito. They discussed whether ORIX should have chosen to issue equity at that time despite a low share price, and why this equity issuance became so successful. Mr. Miyauchi was the CEO of ORIX at the time of the equity offering and one of the protagonist of the case.

On the second part, Mr. Miyauchi spent one-hour for a Q&A session with the students. The questions were on risk taking and risk management, how to deal with the capital markets and investors, diversification, and leadership. Mr. Miyauchi was so patient to answer every single question in detail. As to the question on what the students should do to become a good leader, Mr. Miyauchi emphasized the importance of life long learning through reading books and meeting various people. Having been the CEO of ORIX for 34 years, Mr. Miyauchi shared many insightful thoughts and precious experience on company management and leadership with the students.