Guest speaker: Mr. John Eahra, co-founder of Unison Capital

Jul 2, 2018

P1040706.JPGOn June 28th, Professor Tomonori Ito invited Mr. John Eahra, co-founder of Unison Capital, one of the most successful private equity funds in Japan, as the guest speaker for the Applied Corporate Finance class. Before he co-founded Unison Capital in 1998, he was a General Partner and the Head of Investment Banking at Goldman Sachs in Tokyo..

Mr. Ehara initially made a presentation about the Japanese private equity industry and his company's principles. He talked about how private equity funds find target companies, how to value the companies, and explained how private equity funds can add value to the portfolio companies.P1040714.JPG

After the one hour presentation, the students were given time to ask questions to Mr. Ehara The questions were on why he decided to take the risk to start a private equity fund, which was something totally unknown in Japan, on corporate culture, how he developed Goldman Sachs in Japan, how to be a good investor, the importance of honesty etc. There were a lot of lessons on investing, on management, and on building a career.