Guest Speaker: Dr. Hidehiko Aoki, Nomura Securities

Jul 4, 2018
P7032369.JPGDr. Hidehiko Aoki, Managing Director and Equity Research Head of Consumer Group of Nomura Securities has made his 6th appearance as a guest lecturer of Prof. Sanshiro Yamaoka's "Equity Investments" class at Hitotsubashi University Business School (HUB) on July 3.
Through his 70 minutes of opening remarks and interactions with ICS students, Dr. Aoki, who is one of the most respected equity analysts in Japan, shared his experience, expertise as well as the pride of a leading analyst. The discussion included: Equity analyst's roles in investment community, How to evaluate equities, What it takes to be a good analyst, Current equity market trend, and so forth.P7032374.JPG