Hitotsubashi EMBA 2018 kicked off

Sep 17, 2018

EMBA Day 1-2.jpgEMBA Day1.jpgThe Hitotsubashi EMBA kicked off its new year in early September with a team building and Japanese culture experience.

The team-building session was designed for candidates to interact, develop ideas, and communicate with each other effectively. After the session, they felt more connected and looked ready to face and accomplish the intensive two weeks of foundation launch pad together.

The Japanese culture session started with a lecture on three concepts that underly in the Japanese workplace and work ethics, Wa (Harmony), Rei (Etiquette and propriety), and Shimbustu(Buddhism and Shintoism). Following the lecture, the group headed to the prestigious Gokokuji Temple for a Shodo(Japanese calligraphy) experience with Shodo Master Ryoshu Sasaki.

EMBA Day 1-3.jpgEMBA Day1 -4.jpgThe executive students chose one Kanji character to describe their aspirations toward the EMBA program, and shared their masterpiece and its meaning with the entire class.

It was a great team-building experience, with everyone getting to know each other even better through Japanese calligraphy.

After the shodo experience, they entered the main building that was built 330 years ago by 5th Shogun Tsunayoshi Tokugawa. The main temple is one of the rare historic buildings that still exist in its original form in Tokyo, surviving disasters and bombings. Mr. Saotome of the Gokokuji temple lead a Kanbou session, which is a form of meditation of the Shingon sect of buddhism.

Hitotsubashi ICS would like to thank Mr. Sotome of the Gokokuji temple, Mr. Onishi of Saiseki Products, and Master Calligrapher Ms. Ryoshu Sasaki and her assistants, Ms. Komukai and Ms. Nunokawa for a wonderful Japanese Culture experience