Guest speaker for EMBA; Ben Fouracre, Director at the Berkeley Research Group

Dec 10, 2018

P1070343.JPGGuest Speaker at ICS I Ben Fouracre, Director at the Berkeley Research Group's Tokyo office, joined Professor Tish Robinson's EMBA class, Saturday, December 8th, to introduce an experiential simulation that explored team alignment, planning, and decision-making buy-in. ICS EMBA executives took part in an interactive survival exercise in which they undertook decision-making, first as individuals, then as part of a team, to test their ability to leverage and utilize the expertise, experience, and information in their team to ensure everyone survived.P1070309.JPG

Some of the important lessons this simulation highlighted included: objective setting, gaining alignment and consensus on priorities, and building confidence and commitment to a plan. Everyone survived the survival exercise, and even better, everyone took away insights on how to enhance: 1) confidence in team decisions, 2) commitment to implementing them, 3) team member engagement, and 4) maximum contribution by every team member. And we all had fun in the process!