Guest Speaker: Mr. Yusuke Takahashi (Class of 2014) of Ajinomoto Foundation

Dec 18, 2018

Yusuke Takahashi.jpgOn Dec 17, Strategy class, Mr. Yusuke Takahashi (Hitotsubashi ICS MBA Class 2014), from Ajinomoto Foundation talked with our students about the importance of integrating social value into economic value in the core of a business' strategy. Then drawing on Koko Plus, Ghana Nutrition Improvement Project he has been a member of, Mr. Takahashi shared the challenges faced when creating a socially inclusive product, challenges like localizing the flavor, persuading mothers on the LT impact of the product on babies' healthy development, setting up the right distribution channels, adapting the marketing scheme, amongst others. Once again, we want to give our sincere thanks to Mr. Takahashi for his time.

Finally, to wrap up the final session of the semester, Professor Emi Osono, handed out a holiday present to our class: a reading about how to apply these business strategy theories to manage your life, "How Will You Measure Your Life?" by Professor Clay Christensen from HBS.

We trust this inspiring CSV session, will accompany our class of 2018 on their path of becoming leaders of contextually-inclusive endeavors.