Global Network Project | 3-Day Design Thinking Workshop

Jan 23, 2019

Sony1.jpgProf. Satoko Suzuki and Tom Kamegai kick-started the GNP's design thinking workshop at Sony Creative Lounge in Sony HQ, aimed for students to unleash their creativity through observation and the the power of a team. The theme is "Future of learning".Sony3.jpg

On the second day, each group discussed to create a new learning serviece/tool and completed a story board, led by Fumiko Ichikawa, MD of RE: PUBLIC, who is a co-instructor of the sessions.

On the last day of Design Thinking workshop, each team had transformed their individual tacit knowledge into a solution that was tested by the target customer, upper-elementary school students, who in an interactive session, helped our student to co-create an improved version of each team's prototype.