EMBA India Immersion Week - Feb 4-9, 2019

Feb 13, 2019

Bangalore1.jpgIn the week of Feb 4, EMBA class of 2018 embarked on their first (out of three) immersion weeks.
While in India, EMBA students visited companies and institutions in Delhi & Bangalore.

Infosys was one of the main stops of the trip. Our EMBA class visited Infosys beautiful campus in Bangalore, which hosts over 25k employees in 50 buildings on 84 acres of land. They even had the chance to meet with the founder of the company, Narayana Murthy, who was very inspiring.Bangalore2.jpg

But also, they visited organizations and business that are focusing on solving social issues, like a startup that transforms waste into energy. After a busy week filled with company visits, many lessons and fond memories, the India Immersion finished with a farewell dinner at the gorgeous Royal Afghan restaurant.