Prof. Hiroshi Ono in the Nikkei Newspaper, Feb 22 issue.

Feb 26, 2019

Prof. Hiroshi Ono's interview is in the Nikkei Newspaper, Feb 22nd issue.

b_138-2.jpg"In Japanese companies, the ideal worker has always been the "Japanese male" - a man who graduated from a Japanese university, speaks fluent Japanese, and complies unquestioningly with company orders. With the country's shrinking population and deepening globalization though, there are fewer Japanese males in the workforce than in the past. Increasingly, companies need to rely on new sources of labor supply: women and foreigners. But rather than learning from the diversity of experiences and skills that these groups bring, many companies expect women and foreigners to work just like Japanese male workers, putting in long hours at the office, and blending right into the hierarchical order. Outdated, male-centered practices are a threat to the efficient allocation of human capital in today's Japanese labor market."

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