GNW DAY 3 - Field trip to ASKUL and KIRIN's beer factory

Mar 14, 2019

ASKUL.jpgGlobal Network for Advanced Management students head to ASKUL LogiPark, where they had the opportunity to observe how automation allows companies to strive in the increasingly competitive E-Commerce scene & respond to a progressively shrinking workforce, as well as, to talk with Mrs. Kimura, ASKUL's CMO, how the company is co-creating with manufacturers to offer value-added and innovative products.

After visiting ASKUL, GNW2019 participants visited KIRIN's beer factory. After learning about the process of making beer a


nd tasting three different kinds, students met with Mr. Ryosuke Mizouchi, Executive MD of Kirin Holdings, who talked about how Kirin's commitment towards creating shared value, permeates to the management and the practices business operations.

To wrap of the day, Global Network for Advanced Management-ICS Alumni joined GNW2019 students for dinner at KIRIN Beer Port Yokohama. Each alumni briefly shared their views on how it is like to work in Japan, on Japanese economy and society. We would like

to warmly thank all alumni that took off time to join us last night.

Alumni Kirin.jpg