GNW DAY 4 - Diving into the roots of Japanese culture

Mar 15, 2019

GNW DAY 4 JC.jpgGNW students made a trip to the ancient samurai city of Kamakura, escaping the skyscrapers and scramble intersections.

Zen Priest Ichido Uchida welcomed the students at Engakuji Temple, one of the most ancient and prestigious Zen temples in Japan. Surrounded mountains and beautiful plum blossoms, students experienced a zen meditation led by Priest Ichido Uchida.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to Priest Ichido Uchida for having us and letting us have an experience of a lifetime.GNW DAY 4 Zen.jpg

After the Zen sessions, students explored the city of Kamakura, guided by volunteers. A big thank you to the volunteers who made the Kamakura trip fun!