GNW DAY 5 - Guest speaker, Mr. Kei Suzuki of Ryohin Keikaku and wrap up!

Mar 15, 2019

GNW MUJI.jpgIn the morning, GNW participants attended their last session by Mr. Kei Suzuki of Ryohin Keikaku, the company that operates over 900 MUJI stores around the globe. Mr. Suzuki spoke of the history and the concept of the MUJI brand, and how it is applied to their product development. Participants were fascinated by the MUJI concept, and had a very interactive session with Mr. Suzuki. A big thank you to Mr. Suzuki who sealed this year's GNW Japan program!GNW final.jpg

Then the faculty in charge of GNW Tokyo, Prof. Emi Osono, Satoko Suzuki and Yoshi Fujikawa, MBA program Director handed the certificate to each participant and celebrated the competion of the course altogether over the lunch.

Thank you to everyone around the world who chose to come to Hitotsubashi ICS!! It was an honor to host you and we hope you had as much fun as we had!!!

GNW final 2.jpg