Digital Disruption (DIGI) | Guest Speaker - Dr. Yann Bonduelle, PwC Consulting LLC

Apr 4, 2019

Guest DIGI.jpgProfessor Emi Osono's class, DIGI, which exposes students to today's increasingly digitized world, welcomed Dr. Yann Bonduelle, the lead partner in Data & Analytics at PwC Consulting LLC on April 3. Dr. Bonduelle spoke about the role of data analytics and the numerous ways businesses are using data analytics today.

Through case studies, he presented the key issues facing companies right now: How to become a data-enabled company? How to unlock data's true value? How to extract data-driven insights to make decisions? After a lively discussion, the session wrapped with a key take-away: to unlock the real value of D&A, human habits must evolve too.Guest DIGI2.jpg

Professor Osono and the entire DIGI class warmly thank Dr. Bounduelle for sharing his knowledge and insights in this Digital Disruption session at Hitotsubashi ICS.