Business Ethics class welcomed Ms. Yoko Oshima and Ms. Megumi Azuma from GE Japan

Apr 18, 2019

BE guest.jpgProfessors Catherine Sibala and Jody Ono welcomed as guest speakers to the 12 April session of their Business Ethics course two legal practitioners from GE Japan. General Counsel Yoko Oshima and Chief Compliance Officer Megumi Azuma spoke about "integrity culture" as the foundation of business competitiveness, sharing with the Class of 2018 their insight on the root causes of corporate scandals. Ms Oshima and Ms Azuma outlined GE's specific efforts to create a work environment where integrity and compliance with both the spirit and the letter of workplace conduct guidelines is nurtured and promoted, unethical conduct prevention strategies complemented by measures to equip and empower to employees to detect and respond to issues that do arise.

Emphasized at the session was the importance of engaged, visible leadership, robust institutional frameworks and committed execution at all levels to sustaining successful corporate integrity initiatives. Ms Oshima and Ms Azuma encouraged students to consider when making business decisions how their actions would be perceived by others, whether they would be willing to be held accountable for what they decide and whether their decisions are consistent with their own values.

Professors Sibala and Ono, together with the entire Class of 2018, would like to warmly thank Ms Oshima and Ms Azuma for sharing their valuable knowledge and insights at this session of the BE course at Hitotsubashi ICS