Digital Disruption course welcomed Mr. Yasunori Yamazaki, Axelspace

Apr 24, 2019

Axelspace2.jpgProf. Emi Osono welcomed Mr. Yasunori Yamazaki, Chief Business Development Officer of Axelspace, to her popular Digital Disruption course on April 15. A pioneer in microsatellite technology, Axelspace manufactures microsatellites, including the first commercially-traded satellite, and provides services to solve various problems on Earth. Axelspace was selected as a "J-Startup" company by METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) from thousands of start-up companies in Japan.

Mr. Yamazaki spoke to the Digital Disruption students about Axelspace's various business activities and services, including "AxelGlobe", their earth observation infrastructure for this new era that has the ability to image the entire global at a resolution of 2.5 m--enough to distinguish cars--every day.

After his truly inspiring talk about the frontiers of the space business and a lively Q&A session, Mr. Yamazaki challenged the students to come up with ideas for new business for Axelspace.Axelspace.jpg

Mr. Yamazaki's visit to our classroom followed our March trip to the Axelspace offices in Nihonbashi, where we observed the clean room along with 50 MBA students from overseas that ICS hosted for Global Network Week - Tokyo.

Professor Osono and her students are deeply grateful to Mr. Yamazaki for sharing his insights into, and for explaining Alexspace's role in, the burgeoning business of space.