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FUJIKAWA, Yoshinori (Yoshi)


Faculty in charge of Academic Affairs, MBA Program, Associate Professor, Hitotsubashi ICS


・Japanese Business & Economy ・Service Management ・Global Network Project ・Global Network Week
FUJIKAWA, Yoshinori (Yoshi)

Yoshinori (Yoshi) Fujikawa received his BA in Economics and MA in Commerce from Hitotsubashi University in Tokyo, Japan; MBA from Harvard Business School in Boston, Massachusetts; and PhD in Marketing from Pennsylvania State University in University Park, Pennsylvania. His business experience includes marketing research and strategic consulting work with Olson Zaltman Associates, the inventor of the patented research method ZMET (Zaltman Metaphor Elicitation Technique).
Professor Fujikawa joined ICS as an Assistant Professor in 2003. Prior to joining ICS, he was a Lecturer and Research Assistant at Pennsylvania State University. He also worked as Research Associate at the Mind of Market Laboratory and the Division of Research, both at Harvard Business School.

His research focus lies in the following three areas: (1) field-based research on service management issues, with particular emphasis on contemporary issues such as service innovation, service globalization, and service opportunities for manufacturing firms; (2) development, promotion, and application of non-traditional marketing research methods for eliciting customers' tacit knowledge; and (3) social psychological approach to investigate the role of cognition and emotion in firm-customer relationship formations. His research results have appeared as journal articles, conference proceedings, and book chapters in both English and Japanese. He is also an author and co-author of Hitotsubashi ICS and Harvard Business School cases, which are used in marketing and service management courses at major business schools around the world.