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KANNO, Hiroshi


Visiting Lecturer, Hitotsubashi ICS


・Operations Management ・Applied Operations Management ・Global Network Project
KANNO, Hiroshi

Hiroshi Kanno received his Bachelor and Master of Engineering and Architecture degrees from the Tokyo Institute of Technology, and Master of Science in Industrial Administration degree from Carnegie Mellon University.

Professor Kanno worked in consulting services at The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) for 17 years. His last position at BCG was Partner and Managing Director, where he served as the Asia/Pacific regional leader of BCG's Technology and Communications practice. At BCG, Professor Kanno executed over 300 projects, working closely with both Japanese and non-Japanese companies. He also worked in Europe, North America, and Asia.

Although his main focus was technology and communications, he worked in a wide range of industries, including high-tech, industrial goods, electronics, consumer electronics, telecommunications, systems integration, Internet services, broadcasting, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, real estate, insurance, and NPOs.

Prior to BCG, Professor Kanno worked as an architect, city planner, and engineer for Nikken Sekkei, Japan's largest architecture and city planning firm.

Professor Kanno is the author of Failsafe Ways to Avoid the Failure Trap (Nihon Keizai Shimnbun Shuppan-sha, 2011, in Japanese) and The BCG Way - The Art of Developing Leadership (Diamond-sha, 2005, in Japanese; also published in Korean). Professor Kanno has written a number of articles for business magazines, including: "Strategic Thinking of Carl von Clausewitz: its Application to Business" (Think!, Winter 2004); "Dilemma of the Successful CEO", (Nikkei Business, March 2006, (co-author); "Open Innovation", (Waseda Business School Review, July 2007); "Corporate Strategy and Growth: Creation of New Businesses at an Established Corporation", (Nihon Keizai Shimnbun, January 14, 2010, (co-author) ; "Insight: how to ‘jump’ and think innovatively", (Think!, August 2013); and "Growing Leaders From Within Your Company", (Diamond Harvard Business Review, May 2015.)