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ITANO, Kazuhiko
Visiting and Adjunct Faculty Members
ITANO, Kazuhiko


Adjunct Professor, Hitotsubashi ICS


Management of Energy Business

Mr. Itano is a Tokyo University graduate with majoring Economic History of modern Britain and History of Economic Thoughts. Since joining the Japan National Oil Corporation (currently JOGMEC) in 1979, which is a governmental agency to extend financial and technical assistance to Japanese companies undertaking oil and gas exploration and development projects overseas and offshore Japan, he has been involved in a wide variety of oil and gas upstream projects. Among them, he was a member of the team to negotiate and conclude a PSA (Production Sharing Agreement) for the blocks offshore Sakhalin, Russia, for a consortium comprised of a Japanese company Sakhalin Oil and Gas Development Co., Ltd. (SODECO), Exxon Neftegas Ltd, and two Russian companies (where an upstream subsidiary of India’s ONGC later joined). It was the time of a historic change from USSR to Russia, a solid legal framework was required for an upstream project of this scale undertaken in a harsh natural environment where advanced technology and a large sum of investment are definitely needed. From 2001 through 2005 he was seconded to ExxonMobil Development Co. with the assignment of Deputy Director General of Sakhalin-1 Project Team in Houston, Texas. Now it is his third time to push forward the Sakhalin-1 project as Managing Director of SODECO, one of the starting members of the Sakihalin-1 Project.

After transferred to INPEX in 2005, as General Manager of Gas Business Department, he was in charge of start-ups for its natural gas development and LNG projects in Indonesia and Australia and other gas projects. He was then assigned with the important role of implementing its business integration process with Teikoku Oil Company as General Manager of its Corporate Strategy and Planning Department. As a result of the integration, new INPEX CORPORATION is a globally operating upstream company carrying out more than 70 E&P projects in over 20 countries. INPEX is now the largest oil and gas producing company in Japan with a well-balanced asset portfolio in terms of the production of oil and gas, geographical location of projects and challenges to renewable, non-hydrocarbon energy resources. Corporate communication plays a great part not only with versatile stakeholders including mass media but investor relations is the key to the company’s sustainable growth. He was pivotal in organizing management communication with institutional investors as well as private individual investors, which led him to constantly deliver messages for the company.

His global experiences started as an exchange student when he went to a local high school in San Jose, California, staying with an American family. This has formed the basis for his further opportunities to be stationed in Washington DC, which is actually another capital city of energy. There he was exposed to renowned figures, such as major oil company representatives, executive and legislative branches of the US Government, international consultants and academics etc. These networks have expanded to include government officials of producing countries and executives of national oil companies. In addition to his current job at SODECO, he is Adjunct lecturer at Tokyo Institute Technology’s Academy for Global Nuclear Safety and Security Agent and Adjunct Professor at International Corporate Strategy at Hitotsubashi University.