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KORVER, Michael J.
Visiting and Adjunct Faculty Members
KORVER, Michael J.


Visiting Lecturer, Hitotsubashi ICS


Global Network Project, Entrepreneurial Management, Business Ethics, Making Decisions for Shared Value, Immersion II: Silicon Valley (EMBA)

Michael Korver received his BA in 1979, and MA in Economics and law degree (Juris Doctor- JD) in 1983, all from the University of California at Berkeley. Although currently not engaged in the practice of law, he is licensed as an attorney in the states of New York and California in the US.

Professor Korver first developed his insider’s perspective on Japanese business through his experience as an analyst at the Nomura Research Institute in Tokyo from 1983 to 1987, and as an international transactions lawyer with Richards & O’Neil in New York and Tokyo from 1987 to 1993. Since 1993, Professor Korver has worked as an international business consultant, business executive, venture capitalist, and entrepreneur in Tokyo. He has founded or co-founded several companies and has served or is serving on the boards of a number of them. In 1996 he co-founded Global Venture Capital (GVC), an independent venture capital fund management company. From 1999 to 2002, Professor Korver was in charge of legal and business affairs at The News Corporation Limited Japan, the Japanese operation of the international media conglomerate. He formally joined the faculty of ICS in 2004 after teaching in an adjunct position.

Professor Korver is the author of Private Equity: Kachi Sozo No Toshi Shuho (Toyo Keizai Shinposha, 1999), the first book-length treatment of private equity published in Japanese. He is also a co-author of Venture Kigyo No Houmu/Zaimu Senryaku (Shoji Houmu, 2010), the first book-length treatment of the law and finance of venture capital published in Japanese.

Professor Korver currently serves as managing partner of GVC and is actively involved in making and managing venture capital investments in emerging growth companies both in and outside of Japan.