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NOMA, Mikiharu (Mick)


Associate Professor, Hitotsubashi ICS (Financial Strategy Program)


´ŻąFinancial Reporting
NOMA, Mikiharu (Mick)

Mikiharu (Mick) Noma is an associate professor at the Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy (ICS), Hitotsubashi University. Prior to joining Hitotsubashi University as an Associate Professor in 2004, he was an associate professor at Yokohama City University. In the academic year 2010-2011, he was on sabbatical and was a visiting fellow at the Columbia Business School. Currently he serves Aplix IP Holdings as an outside auditor, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as a member of committee, and Tokyo Stock Exchange as a member of Disclosure System Committee.
Professor Noma received his BA, MA, and PhD in commerce and management from Hitotsubashi University in Tokyo, Japan.

Professor Noma's research interest includes (a) Managerial Myopia and Competitive Advantage; (b) Disclosure; and (c) Payout Policy. His publications include “Why Do Japanese Firm lose the Competitive Advantage?” (in Hitotsubashi Business Review, 2010); “The Valuation of R&D Expenditure in Japan”, (with P. Nguyen and S. Nivoix in Accounting and Finance, 2010); and “Hedging and Taking Risk: On the Role of Derivatives and Stock Options”, (in Investment Research & Analysis Journal, 2006).