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Adjunct Professor, Hitotsubashi ICS


ļ½„Management of Energy Business
Ryuji Yasuda received his PhD in Political Science from the University of California, Berkeley and his BA in Economics from the University of Tokyo. Professor Yasuda is a well-known opinion leader in relation to financial institutions in Japan. As the chairman of A.T. Kearney's Asian operations, he worked in consulting services for global corporations and financial institutions for around seven years, and as a Director at McKinsey & Company for more than 15 years. Professor Yasuda established his own private equity fund, J-Will Partners, to assist restructuring of Japanese medium size corporations. Professor Yasuda has authored or co-authored many books on financial strategy and corporate restructuring, including Future Evolution of Japanese Bank (Toyo Keizai Shimposha, 2006); Corporate Reviving Management (Toyo Keizai Shimposha, 2003); Strategic Innovation of Bank Management (Toyo Keizai Shimposha, 1992); Corporate Architecture (Diamond, 1992); Proposal for Restructuring the Banking System (Toyo Keizai, 1993); IT Revolution for the Banking Industry (Nikkei Shimbunsha, 1996); The Tips of the U.S. Banks' Success (Nikkei Shimbunsha, 1998); and Innovation of Credit Risk Management (Kinyu Zaisei Jiho, 1998), among others. He has also contributed many articles to economic magazines and newspapers, as well as academic journals. Professor Yasuda currently serves several major companies, including Daiwa Securities Holdings, Fukuoka Financial Group, Orix and Yakult as an external board member, as well as several international companies as an advisory committee member.