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Peer-reviewed journal articles

How Outcome Agreement and Power Balance Among Parties Influence Processes of Organizational Learning and Nonlearning - Journal of Management

Author: Andrew Van de Ven, John P. Bechara, Kangyong Sun
Year: 2017

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Year: 2016

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Author: Kitayama, S., Akutsu, S., Uchida, Y., & Cole, S.
Year: 2016

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Author: Kentaro Koga
Year: 2016

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Author: Yamagishi, T., & Hashimoto, H.
Year: 2016

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Author: Matsumoto, Y., Yamagishi, T.*, Li, Y., & Kiyonari, T.
Year: 2016

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Author: Fermin, A. S. R., Sakagami, M., Kiyonari, T., Li, Y., Matsumoto, Y., & Yamagishi, T*.
Year: 2016