MBA Program Curriculum
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For Employers and Recruiters

Hitotsubashi ICS students are an impressive group of Japanese and non-Japanese individuals that come from a variety backgrounds and interests, who are eager to explore opportunities in various industries in Japan and other parts of the world.

Having gone through a challenging MBA curriculum at Hitotsubashi ICS that reflects our value of combining the best of two worlds, they are ready to make an impact in your organization. Here are some ways you can tap into this resource of international talents:

Company Information Sessions

Companies who are looking at recruiting MBA graduates may like to consider holding a company information session at Hitotsubashi ICS. A company information session offers you the opportunity to meet and speak with our currently enrolled students, and discuss career opportunities with interested and qualified candidates in a session that is devoted to your organization. Through a single session or a series of sessions, you can:

  • build your company's brand among internationally-minded students and alumni
  • interact with them through a question-and-answer session
  • leverage our expertise to target students

Other ways You and Hitotsubashi ICS can work together

  • Sponsor Hitotsubashi ICS programs
  • Support Hitotsubashi ICS students through grants and scholarships
  • Work with the Hitotsubashi ICS faculty
  • Leverage other Hitotsubashi ICS resources

To find out more about how you can host a company information session or recruit our students for internships and permanent positions, please contact the of Career Services, at: