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Hitotsubashi ICS Internship Program

The MBA internship experience provides an opportunity for students to apply the classroom and practical knowledge that they have learned at Hitotsubashi ICS to real business situations, and to test their fit in the career area in which they are interested.

All 2-year MBA students at Hitotsubashi ICS are able to do an approved internship on a non-remunerative basis during the second year of their studies. Students are free to decide where to do their internships, and many choose companies reflecting their future career interests.

In the most recent graduating class, 54% of the students took up least two internships, and 36% did one. The remaining 9% chose to do the foreign exchange program, another option for 2-year program students, at one of the many partner schools located around the world.

Here are the top 5 industries, with examples of companies, in which our students have interned in the past: