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Asian Future Leaders Scholarship Program

The FTMBA program in International Business Strategy at the Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy, Hitotsubashi University (Hitotsubashi ICS) is participating in the Asian Future Leaders Scholarship Program (AFLSP) as one of its Anchor Universities.

The AFLSP grants scholarships to high calibre Asian students who wish to study abroad within Asia. Under the administration of Bai Xian Asia Institute (BXAI), the AFLSP provides a platform on which students and educational institutions can cultivate lasting relationships based on mutual trust and understanding ‐‐‐ essential tools for building bridges across cultures.

Please visit BXAI's Website for more details
Bai Xian Asia Institute’s Website:

The scholarship amounts to US$25,000 for one academic year. Both incoming first year and second year students are eligible for the scholarship. Interested students should contact


This scholarship is offered to a select number of applicants from Asian countries. The selection is conducted by ICS Admissions Committee just after the admissions decision based on merit.

The scholarship recipient must satisfy the following:
  1. Nationality/region of an Asian country
  2. High proficiency in English
  3. Possess strong personal integrity, propensity for international and intercultural understanding , compassion and willingness to serve and demonstrate his/her alignment with BXAI’s mission and vision
  4. Remain enrolled at the university as a full time student for the duration of participation in the AFLSP
  5. Not be a recipient of any other scholarship or other form of funding support by a third party, unless otherwise agreed with the university and BXAI
  6. Not take up any paid employment, full-time or part-time, while enrolled at the university, unless otherwise agreed with the university and BXAI


The scholarship recipient must fulfill the following:
  1. Participate in the BXAI Summer Program, offered by BXAI
  2. Complete at least three of the six Enrichment courses* at Hitotsubashi ICS
  3. Undertake an Independent Research regarding the relationship between Japan and China

(*Knowledge Management, Knowledge Generation, Japanese Business and Economy, Japanese Culture, Strategy in Emerging Markets, and Global Citizenship)

To apply and contact us for more information at: